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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Jim Ed Avery

7:06 PM

This one's funny.

Made me think of me.

"Not an Asshole to everyone.  Haven't met them all yet.  This point aside, nor am I an Asshole to everyone for the same reason. You are going to have to tell me more. Don't believe we've met?  As long as honest, fair, and reasonable, we will get alone just fine."

Simply Jim:  On Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ.

My definition of "THE ANTICHRIST" is W.W.J.D today; in other words:

What would Jesus do?

An anti-Christ(s), following along the same line of reasoning, doing the best they can the only way they knows how.

"You do the best you can until you know better.  Then you just do better."
~(Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)~

And,  for someone like me who is trying,  is it fair for one's problem to be labeled a psychosis, when the trigger for his supposedly "Bipolar" problem  is "confirmation bias", "survivors bias" and let's not forget victim of the usual prejudice of other; most especially the Christians?

Is it fair, that this diagnosis was made by professionals(?)Georgia Regional Hospital after having been involuntarily committed to Georgia Regional Hospital by his 80 year old rural Arkansan mother, with the help of  big sister who stopped playing tennis with her rich Republican lady friends long enough  driving them across several state getting to my home within Metro Atlanta.

"This word "GAY GHETTO" I read in your blog, sounds like such a horrible place."
~(My Mother: Hell Betty Jo)~

"You can relax now mother,  you're already here."
~(Simply Jim:  Methodist FAG)~

"Oh no!  We didn't go to California, just San Francisco!"
~(First Born Sister: Stupid :Virgin Mary in Heaven Joke)~

"Oh no! I do not live in the State of Georgia, just Metro-Atlanta!"
~(Simply Jim:  Truly Blue Bleeding Heart Liberal)~

Is it fair that the "pernicious, prevaricating ways of the "Oh we're not that kind of Christian" couple of G. Robert Gary, Sr. ThD and his wife living directly across the street my home allowed this to happen by looking the other way, refusing to acknowledge, feigning ignorance, as they took advantage of everyone natural tendencies toward prejudice and bias when it's his Doctor in Theology degree that should have already understood what was happening all around me before I was able understanding it;  a Master of Divinity degree having further his education with it's emphasis on human psychology?

Is it fair, I'm no longer able to purchase a gun when never owned one or even cared to; yet my 5 year old grand nephew, if wanting one, now able owning a "Cricket" while I can not?

Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ.

Simply Jim: Radical Fairy the Methodist Fag.

Simply Jim:  Radical Atheist.

Simply Jim:  Positive Atheism.

Simply Jim:  Orthodox Atheist.

Simply Jim: Atheist.

Simply Jim:  Methodist.

Simply Jim:  
When first introduced to God before even knowing of God.

As stuff put into our heads when a kid never really goes away,  do you not see why I have always been, and will always be...

Methodist till the day I die;

no less than Jesus every stopped being a Jew?

Really now. 

Should it be required of me to be a party to the confirmation bias of others;
 an enabler helping them continue living their sheltered live?

Really now, is this fair?

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