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Friday, March 28, 2014

Flat Tax Rate : ~(Susan Boyles!Suicide Jim)~ : CumUnion

 "CumUnion is tonight."

Sent Mar 26, 5:24 am

Slick hot dicks shooting hefty loads up asses and in mouths is what CumUnion is all about.

Unrestrained lust of guys who are ready to fuck and suck all night long is what makes our party exceptional and extremely popular with piggy and horny guys. Sponge drenched and cum soaked is how guys leave after a night of cum gluttony.

Open to gay and bi men of all ages, types, there is something for every hole out there.

Cum splattered CumUnion fans pack Manifest in Atlanta for the biggest hottest men sex party in the South. These dirty men arrive early and ready to fuck, and stay late to pump semen into the amazing guys. Atlanta men sure do know how to fuck and suck! Manifest is a full service bi and gay mens’ sex club.

Manifest4U is a Georgia Non Profit - members only fraternal studio for gay & bisexual men. We provide an alternative, off line & in person event space for men who embrace an open lifestyle seeking diverse camaraderie with other men.

Manifest4U is about changing the old ways and making them new, committed to creating a community with the intent to heal, nurture, and provide social opportunities for friendship and mentorship. We offer a safer space wherein men seeking men may explore and strengthen their, social, spiritual and sexual identities, regardless of race, creed or natural origin.

Membership is required and a simple, completed application must be submitted before entrance is permitted. Applying applicants must be 18+, and have valid picture identification.CONNECTION 


Today, many of us are struggling, hungry for new ways of being with and for each other. Manifest 4U is about what we all want no matter what our beliefs or backgrounds are:

M4U is exploring and promoting new ways to support and shape our evolving male culture. We want to be a catalyst in creating a more caring community that is free to make its most fundamental and humane values manifest, both publicly and privately.

M4U is bringing men together in an environment that encourages us to embrace our most loving and primal natures.

Change is possible, inevitable, continuous and necessary. M4U strives to redefine gay male culture, challenging men to do better with and for each other & to honor the men's lives who paved our evolution.

It’s about making the world we visualize, Manifest4U.

Atlanta CumUnion Sex Party

Date: March 26, 2014

Doors Open: 8pm – 1am

"The other window's open tonight.  
He will check you in."

Admission: $15
~(Leather Daddy/Employee)~

"What are these?"

 ~(Suicide Jim)~

"Oh, those are free.  Take one."
~(Leather Daddy/Employee)~

"Really not able seeing without my glasses. 

Any of them good?
~(Suicide Jim)~

"Oh, this is a good one."

~(Leather Daddy)~

---Entered/Proceded to the Lockers Area First to Secure Wallet/Keys/Gift?---

Atlanta CumUnion Sex Party

"J. R., 
I'm...NOT AGAINST... the 
"Flat Tax Rate".
I'm just asking, where is the difference being made up?" 
~(Suicide Jim)~

~(J. R.)~

"J. R., no matter what tax system our government switches to, 
the cost of running our government and funding any and all of those programs still remain unchanged.  This means, the government needs to be... STILL... bringing in the same amount of revenue."
~(Suicide Jim)~

"(annoyed ruining ambiance talking loud about politics)"

"Oh go back up front!  This one's(?)consensual.
Ignore him, J. R... 
That one prefers playing dumb when it comes to anything I have to say."
~(Frequent Customer/Suicide Jim/Apparently Too Frequent)~


  1. relating to or involving consent, esp. mutual consent.
    "he admitted to having consensual sex with two women"

after all is said and done, 
no matter how wonderfully simple and fair 
may sound,
 the sad fact remains the taxes you pay may not change much, maybe even paying more.  
Being that I agree with the basic principle of progressive taxation, will feel the same with the "flat tax rate" if indeed works out similar.

Quoting Einstein here:

everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  

You're not the only one who gotten all exited on me about the "flat tax rate," and so far, none of you have been able answering my concerns about 

 Clueless actually; all of you so far. 

And I see no reason why I will be researching what should have been done already by you; I mean y'all."

~(Suicide Jim)~  



"Thanks Jim.  Are you going?"
Mar 26,  9:01 pm

"Hey, just getting your text. 

Already been.  Didn't miss anything.  Much smaller crowd but still busy.  I actually had more fun this time than last time, but not nearly as much fun as it looked like you were having.  

guess you will have to be the one deciding whether or not missed anything based on how much fun it looked like I was having,  last time, from your vantage point. 

much, much rather play with you than anything I've ever played with there 
even seen you play with either. 


It's such a complicated world."
Sent Mar 27, 7:29 am


Just now seeing I had just left for Manifest4U when receiving your text last night.  Didn't take my cellphone with me.  

To clear any possible misunderstanding about the previous text,

the 4th  Wednesday of every month...
rather play with you here at my place or at your place, 
even willing giving ...YOU... both the $15 it cost getting me into CumUnion and the $15 dollar it would have cost getting you into CumUnion as well.   

 until working again myself, 
this is the best I can do (or willing to do) with anyone until back on my feet again.
Mar 27, 7:42 am

Very funny,
Leather Daddy.

Free Gift First 25 guests


Hey Jim Ed,

Thank you...
I'm glad you had some fun at Manifest4U.  I always have fun with you.  I was going to go but lost track of time just trying to get everything done.  I've been spending too much money anyway.   I need a 2nd job or resort to a tight ass budget.
March 28, 7:54 pm

Well I can't give you anything in the way of a job,
 but would hire you if had my own business in any way.  
And that is what I'm trying to spin out of telling my story which just so happens to include you, joey, Manifest4U, and everyone and every thing I come incontact with.  

I'm assuming not interested in the $40/hr offer or even me having a picture of your dog Bess to be Sseb in blog article about dyslexia since haven't followed up with an answer or pic, 
that is cool when not having to figure out the answers 
hard way. 

I'm cool with the truths up front.  

"you always have fun with me", 
I'm not sure what this means.  

You are aways welcome to hang out here anytime you want.
To:  Diablo
Mar 28, 8:09 pm

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