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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truth Wins Out: Why This Gay Activist Will Miss Fred Phelps | Manhunt Cares

Fred 1 300x180 Why This Gay Activist Will Miss Fred Phelps


"No one in their right mind wanted to be like Fred Phelps,
rabid(?)madman consumed by an almost inexplicable(?)obsession with
the object(?)of(?)his revulsion?"
~(Wayne Besen)~

“Is this me?”
~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

Truth Wins Out: Why This Gay Activist Will Miss Fred Phelps | Manhunt Cares: While many are gleeful that he has passed, I’m going to miss the old coot. In an age of relentless spin, this loathsome creature was truthful in his thoughts about what he regarded as sin. In my two decades of LGBT advocacy, he’s the only honest person I’ve ever encountered on the Religious Right. He says what many of them truly believe but are too careful and timid to say publicly. He was raw hatred in its purest, most vile form, and didn’t lie through his teeth, which often seems to be an evangelical pastime, when it comes to LGBT issues.

It may be difficult to believe, but Phelps was a net positive for the LGBT community. He was to the gay cause what police officers with snarling dogs were to the Civil Rights movement. He put an evil face on bigotry and reflected it back to the closeted haters. Upon reflection, many homophobes didn’t like what they saw. Millions of Americans were forced to look at Phelps and quietly ask themselves in private moments, “Is this me?”

No one in their right mind wanted to be like Fred Phelps, a rabid madman consumed by an almost inexplicable obsession with the object of his revulsion.

I have zero admiration for this hater extraordinaire. But he is refreshing compared to his disingenuous counterparts who are equally evil, but play this transparently absurd game of “love the sinner, hate the sin,” which few people are duped into believing. Yet, these con artists unctuously recite this fib with a saccharine grin, as if they repeat it enough it will magically be true.

At least Phelps
cut to the chase(?)instead(?)of lying to my face.

His blistering honesty earned him the eternal enmity of the organized Religious Right. Their operatives despised him with a special passion. In doing so, he would steal their thunder, and their headlines, which would drive them to distraction. On more than one occasion, anti-gay activists would privately tell me they thought Phelps was a gay plant strategically deployed to make them look bad.

No one has done more to turn the next generation away from anti-LGBT bias than Fred Phelps. In this sense, he was a monumental failure who achieved the polar opposite of what he set out to accomplish. His main legacy is ripping off the Religious Right’s mask and exposing them as fraudulent haters and hypocrites. In a world full of plastic people, at least Phelps was authentic, even if it was authentic evil.


James E. Avery, D.V.M 
March 30, 2014 at 4:38 pm 

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Project Q
Pray this gay Atlantan isn’t your crazy neighbor.

"Many of Atlanta’s gay in-town neighbors are thought to drive up property values with home improvements. But one has his DeKalb neighborhood seeking relief from him. Not because James Avery is a “gay progressive.” Because they think he’s batshit crazy."

"Meet James Edward Avery (photo), who’s on a one-man mission to soil the reputation of good gay neighbors everywhere. Residents on Mason Mill Road near Emory are at their wits’ end over the homeowner who fancies himself the rabble-rousing Lorax of Dr. Seuss fame, according to the AJC."

AJC and FOX NEWS Chanel 5 did not have the integrity telling me before beginning their interviews with me, they were in a rush getting our(?)story done in time for that afternoon's deadline for AJC Online story and that evening's deadline for FOX NEWS story.  And, are you able guessing my point with them before going any futher?

That's right!  I literally got cut off mid-sentence.

Project Q didn't even have the integrity allowing me a chance telling my side of this story with them(AJC, FOX NEWS, as well as with that "USELESS GREEN ACRE FAGGOT and his "IRANIAN URANIUM ENRICHMENT CONCUBINE" who moved next door to me but not until after they had cut down most of the tree in the process violating the county's green laws inspite of all the complaint called into the county including 2 of mine)therefore having made themselves (as well as a reflection of our gay community) part of our story as well.

Been gay long enought, beginning to see a truth (one that definitely disturbs me I do not deny) in support of TRAGIC (as opposed to balance) VISION of HUMANKIND.

While we are gaining our rights and freedom more and more, becoming more comfortable with our surroundings; we are forgetting we're benefiting from the progresssive activism of those before us as opposed to anything we've done ourselves.  In the process, without continuing doing our part keeping the progression moving forward as standard of livings begin  improving for some of us as opposed to all of us, we are becoming no better than the "Conservatives" and even "Libertarians"  themselves who have no sense of history beyond the day they were born, the future beyond their immediate own.

I've posted a counterpoint commenting to Project Q article on their site, using language pretty similar to what i'm posting now to this article.  

"In a world full of plastic people(?), isn't that just as bad(?)as authentic(?)evil?"

Although not disagreeing with this piece overall having made some good point (although still just conjectures); not so sure the author of this piece isn't "plastic", either?  I will need to know more.

I'm not an ASSHOLE to EVERYONE.  Haven't met them all yet. This point aside, 
nor am I an ASSHOLE to everyone for the same reason.

Before this site become part of our sad story as well, I reccommend you APPROVE of my comment to the article and KEEP ON APPROVING OF MY COMMENT TO THIS ARTICLE without it disappearing later down the road WHILE the ORIGINAL ARTICLE remains.

Thank you for listening and have a good day.



Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ.

Simply JIM: Radical Fairy the METHODIST FAG.


Simply Jim:  Atheist

Simply Jim: Methodist

Simply Jim: James Edward AVERY before he even knew he had a name.

Simply Jim: ~(PALE BLUE DOT)~

Simply Jim: 
The first day introduce to God before even knowing of God

"In a world 
full of plastic people, at least Phelps was authenic
 if it was authentic evil."
~(Wayne Besen)~


Barrel of Monkeys: Genesis in Reverse


Two blogs of mine. Genesis in Reverse, the first one I no longer post to was just an experiment seeing what I was capable. Never done anything of the sort my whole life. Guess you could say it turned out to be an experience similar to Carl Jung’s RED BOOK. 

The second one, more visual and attention grabbing; as that is what it takes getting attention today competing with too many choices, not enough time.

And it appears, mostly “BRAIN CANDY” winning out too much. 

Something gays in general definitely just as guitly.


Wayne Besen is the Founding Executive Director of Truth Wins Out and author of “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth” (Haworth, 2003). In 2010, Besen was awarded the “Visionary Award” at the Out Music Awards for organizing the American Prayer Hour, an event which shined a spotlight on the role American evangelicals played in the introduction of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

"This is just way too funny."

"Bizzare t00!"

my comments 
have been rejected?"
~(Truly Blue(?)Bleeding Heart(?)Liberal)~

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