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Friday, June 6, 2014

Hallelujah: Susan Boyle :Wild Horses

(Donna Gail Avery-Devine, James E. Avery, DVM)

My only question... How did she go so long without being noticed? I mean this woman is just WOW! Her voice is amazing
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Cause she's fat, ugly, ill and doesn't fit the "Young and Beautiful" profile EVERY singer has to have even thought she sings better than 95% of singers nowadays... Sick world we live in... :/


+Aleksandar Stevanovic She is not ugly but i agree with you  

Jest to kobieta o cudownym głosie,początkowo niedoceniona.Wspaniała postać. To prawdziwy talent muzyczny. Brawo Susan.Mam nadzieję że odwiedzi kiedyś Polskę.


+Igor Nowak ona jest po prostu wspaniały, nie ona jest?

+Aleksandar Stevanovic I saw a video of her singing in front of an audience when she was younger and thinner, she just wasn't discovered by the big guys till later in life. You need to get yourself discovered, not wait to be discovered.  Bette Middler and Barbara  Streisand were not the hottest either but had exceptional talent like Susan and got in the door.

Just prejudice and you know how it works. You wouldn't discover her yourself either so don't say it now that everyone knows she has talent. :b

+kougoes   Not always true.  Many years ago I went to a club/restaurant/talent show in Motherwell which is a small town also in Scotland, where Susan is from.  The talent was absolutely amazing.  This was not a special or upmarket place.  The thing is it is more about drive, luck, opportunity.  Susan had sung beautifully for years.  What changed her life was she travelled  one day to a very special talent show and finally sang on the great platform of Britain's Got Talent.  This is why I love the show.  There are others out there with great talent and they need shows just like this to be the platform they deserve.  This is why I never judge someone when they walk out onto the stage as there is a lot of fantastic talent in a lot of regular guys out there.  They just need to grab the opportunity that a show like this gives we regular joes :)  Susan is an inspiration to all those regular folks we know.  Dreams do come true.  That is why we love her.
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"I thinking of putting this in the..."
~(My Mother: "They shoot(?)horses(?)don't they!" )~

"I'm fine with this, 
Not a problem at all.  
Just think of it as the entrance fee to a bar or sex club.  
Don't let this business of the offering plates being passed around at the end of service fool you into thinking otherwise."
~(Simply Jim:  Radical Fairy the Methodist Fag)~

As me and the five(?)women of my family were walking up the steps 
Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church about to witness a confirmation service,
 but just before we reached the entrance, 
my mother had pulled out...HALFWAY...and is... SHOWING... me a twenty dollar bill.

this could have been said differently.

She gave a startled laugh; but I could tell...
 she was sorry asked.

I had already planned on putting in a ten dollar bill. 

But when I saw that she thought the eight of us was worth only twenty, I saw no point in adding my ten.

Without getting into the cost of my crystal meths habit, 
I now hold the Methodist Church in general and all others indirectly through association 
Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, 
 responsible for no less than half the cost of my addictions since the beginning 
my first addiction intervention.

CumUnion only charges fifteen dollars at the door; plus I get to pick out a gift

Much better bargain; even if not getting my rocks off.

No one

Except they hate ...SEEING ME...showing up there!
Because I won't....STOP TALKING...politics there!
It runs the ambients there, as well.

But hey, what can they do.
Although mainly rule about sex etiquette, mostly respecting the wishes of others not interested and not begin stalking them;
there isn't one against talking dirty if we're talking politics.

Pretty obvious to me now...
churches are nothing but money laundering scam/social clubs with benefits; 
expiating for the sins of their own and of their own kind without consent.

And as long as there is a bylaw in the books against self avowed practicing homosexuals being ordained ministers  within the Methodist Church; they are all fair game.

It is true: 

"Love stronger than justice."

But it's supposed to be:

"Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!"
~(Martin Luther King)~
This is my version of diffusion of responsibility...
reverse enumerations...
just plain negative theology.

they are all fair game in the name of Methodism.


Not sure I understand the following picture with a visibly upset Hillary...?

Should I try asking, first, how much Monica Lewinsky would fetch in Somalia?
Suggest she try diversifying her portfolio with more domestic housework?

Sounds a little bit "elitist;"
 Bill has already tried?

Not always!
  What do you get when you cross a draft dodger with a lesbian?

 On July 12, 1939, a few months before the beginning of World War II in Europe, Szilárd and Wigner visited Einstein and they explained the possibility of atomic bombs, to which pacifist Einstein replied: Daran habe ich gar nicht gedacht ("I had not thought of that at all"). Einstein was persuaded to lend his prestige by writing a letter with Szilárd to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to alert him of the possibility. The letter also recommended that the U.S. government pay attention to and become directly involved in uranium research and associated chain reaction research.

The letter is believed to be "arguably the key stimulus for the U.S. adoption of serious investigations into nuclear weapons on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II". In addition to the letter, Einstein used his connections with the Belgian Royal Family and the Belgian queen mother to get access with a personal envoy to the White House's Oval Office. President Roosevelt could not take the risk of allowing Hitler to possess atomic bombs first. As a result of Einstein's letter and his meetings with Roosevelt, the U.S. entered the "race" to develop the bomb, drawing on its "immense material, financial, and scientific resources" to initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to successfully develop an atomic bomb during World War II.

For Einstein, "war was a disease ... [and] he called for resistance to war." By signing the letter to Roosevelt he went against his pacifist principles In 1954, a year before his death, Einstein said to his old friend, Linus Pauling, "I made one great mistake in my life—when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification—the danger that the Germans would make them ..."

Where would we be today had it not been for Einstein misogynist view about women.  I'm assuming it did free more time for him to focus on his theories.

In other words, 
do these women of Einstein life and other men, also, get one/half the credit for any fame and fortune associated with E =mc2; 
the atomic bomb, and all wars of men?

It was, still, very sad to read.

Maybe, it also,
 "might have been better had Einstein never lived?"

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