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Thursday, April 10, 2014

INSIDE GLENN...Announcements

Reconciling Ministries Conversation and Survey

In 2011 a group of retired United Methodist bishops wrote a letter supporting the removal of language from the Discipline that discriminates against homosexuals. Glenn Memorial responded with the formation of the Common Table, a group of Glenn members and staff that met weekly to discuss whether to publicly support the letter. After almost a year of meetings, Glenn Memorial drafted a statement of support (see below) and established the Glenn Rainbow Advocacy group to discern Glenn’s continuing role regarding the issue of homosexuality in the church. Recently three listening and learning sessions were held to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner of the Reconciling Ministries Network. As a follow-up to those meetings, we invited all Glenn Members to take a Congregational Assessment Survey. Results were presented to the Church Council on March 23rd.

If you have further questions or comments you may direct them to Rev. Josh Amerson.

Letter to the Congregation Regarding the Common Table and the Bishops' Letter

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