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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Commitment Conspiracys: "RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!"

"All politics is local."

Believing I figured out a way combining this quote with the use of the trinity as a language tool.


A way politics
now be explained from my perspective

starting first from within my home,
spiraling outwards from here.

This blog entry is an attempt trying to find a way putting into perspective for my neighbors, 
not just for these three property owners, 
something helping them understand the odd displays and signs constantly in my yard; 
along with a chance 
some of the gossiping I'm sure there have been plenty.

"If it's true, 
'the truth will set you free,'
there should be nothing wrong with me taking everyone down 
along with me 
I take that leap."

 ~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ.)~

Having a crystal meths addiction I do not deny;  
this whole mess having began Thanksgiving November 2010 when I attempted putting into effect a plan I saw as only hope for a future in which I might be happy:

1) Having to perform my own drug addiction intervention by telling everyone (neighbors, family, and work) all at the same time. Once the realization how much time had passed, opportunities miss for other performing my intervention, became clear that person(s) doing my drug addition intervention was going to have to be me, 
if anyone.

2) Retiring from the practice of veterinary clinical medicine; having decided overall unhappiness with the direction my chosen career path was heading probably an important, 
if not the biggest, 
triggers for the addiction. 

3) Career change to one involving politics where I could burn off my passion for politics in the capacity of a "true blue bleeding heart liberal" while on the clock.  Then, when off the clock, maybe able going a little easy with the politics everyone else not caring for.   Also the career being an important identity for other to associate with me, making it easier acquiring friends;  
maybe even a longtime companion.

 Lot # 31

Pathological Lying Useless Green Acre Faggot
His Iranian Uranium Enrichment Concubine

Before the two of them moving into this house, Bobby B. Rasulnia had already confessed early one evening as the two of us spoke over the property line dividing their back yard and the side of my front yard,  him and his partner were considering restraining orders issued against the current residence of four homes located along Vistavia Circle, all upset with their plans removing so many trees off their newly acquired property. 

Had already voiced a complaint with DeKalb County. Not only was I told far from being the first one calling in a complaint, learned the new owners of this property actually bordering my property, as opposed to these four homes just now hearing about possible restraining orders, had already received permission from DeKalb County for the removal of fourteen trees; five for December, five for January, plus four more.

This was also the first time learning of  the GREEN LAWS.

Had also already voiced a second complaint reporting the removal of more than fourteen trees and still going; only to be told there was nothing they could do about it as the trees were a threat to his house. By the time I called in this second complaint to DeKalb County, the only trees left they were able cutting down were all between their soon to be new home and mine I've lived in since 1995.

Then hearing about these restraining orders that were being considered, not only during first face to face encounter with one of my soon to be new neighbors before these two even moving into this house, this conversation also taking place after a total of 24 trees having been removed before they even stopped; it was how Bobby Rasulnia ended our very first encounter as neighbors, dismissing the very same anger about all those trees being removed as he turns and begins walking away, sealing his fate.

It's Charlie's money.  He can spend it however he wants."

Eventually encountering the other half, Charlie W. Bliss, after them moving into their new home;  the trees still continuing to be removed, but at a slower pace.  Something I already had a suspicion might happen.

On the very last day they stopped cutting down any more trees, just happened to be in the right place at the right time, seeing this white foreman do something other than standing around barking out orders to the little brown ones doing all the work.  This foreman himself, personally, gets into a BOBCAT and drives it up against a tree remaining; spins the treads out at the base of this tree.  Backs up against different tree remaining; again spins the treads out at the base of this tree same as the previous one.  Foreman repeats these acts over and over until this had been done with every tree remaining along the back edge of Mr. Bliss property right up to the edge of my property.  

Didn't take long to size Charles W. Bliss up; figure out what he's all about.

With Charlie,
everything one hears coming from him:
"It's all about the end justifying the means." 

Considering the state of Georgia does not recognize gay unions,
it's not surprising seeing Mr. Bliss had the foresight listing his partner,
Bobby Rasulnia,
co-owner of their home;
gay couples having to be more creative when it come to
the resemblance of marriage with something else.

Top half of this large tree broke off during a storm, landing on top of my house and crashing through roof and ceiling of the master bedroom. This tree, being the third one of three trees lining the edge of recently made clearing  by Mr. Bliss's removal of just about every trees off his property, who's top halfs have broken off onto my property during three different storms with high winds.  Disfiguring two of my beech trees,  and other trees not theirs, in the process. 
As we will continue having storms with high wind blowing through our neighborhood, have no reason to believe these three trees will be the last of them.  It does not matter to me whether these trees belong to Mr. Bliss or not.  If it is any of these trees wind hits first after blowing though Mr. Bliss yard now devoid of trees, these trees being exposed to wind sheer not used to experiencing at anytime during their entire growth surrounded by trees suddenly not threre; it is Mr. Bliss and DeKalb County I'm holding directly responsible.
Although first attempt at embarrassing DeKalb County into admitting willful accessory to Mr. Bliss's crime of violating DeKalb Country Green Laws failed,  have not given up.  Just putting it on the back burner with the intention of coat tailing it latter with the attention gained on a different issue.  

It's also been my observation as I watch them maintaining their ultra green high maintenance lawn
 (have such a great view just looking down on them from bedroom windows with these trees removed),
it's Mr. Bliss who seems far more enthusiastic/happy doing yard works in general with lots of it being the likes of him playing with roses;
Bobby just plodding along mostly with basis maintenance.

Based on my experiences and observations as a gay man myself,
appears to me,
 Mr. Bliss
trying to work some change back off that gold ring with diamonds
couldn't help but noticing
 sporting during our day in court;
 the two of them attempted taking out restraining orders against me.

Couldn't help but laugh;
having their very own restraining order
both asking for a 100 yards distance be kept between me and them at all times.

As our properties border each other,
100 yards would have effectively prevented me from being able sleeping
my own bed my own home;
Bobby's getting fucked by his old man their bedroom.

Even the supposedly "retired" couple of Bob Gary and his wife Janet, both in their eighties, only asked for twenty-five yards distance be kept between us with their restraining order.

And Janet has Parkinson Disease.

What were these two pansies thinking?!

  Although we've been neighbors for several years now, still do not know what they do job wise.

Charlie tells one neighbor of ours who is a realtor, who in the beginning was wanting to fuss about all the trees Mr. Bliss was removing from the lot directly across the street from his home, that he also was a realtor.
This realtor then deciding to put his own business interest before his interest as just another homeowner in our neighborhood upset with Mr. Bliss removal of all these trees.

When telling Charlie I had been told  he was a realtor; claimed  he was not.

what do I get from Mr. Bliss:
"You want to know what I do for a living?"

He then proceeds
 telling me he works for Georgia State Mental Health or something like that;
this being right after I had been committed involuntarily to DeKalb Crisis Center the first time.

And let's hope Bobby currently still has reasons wearing that military uniform he shows up wearing
our court hearing regarding their attempted restraining orders against me.

Hope he didn't go out and buy another uniform with the intent
Judge Judge Nora Polk's ruling in their favor?

He's gained quite a bit of weight since moving next door to me.
And there's no way he could fit into a uniform hadn't worn in a while.

Far as I'm concerned...
Mr. Bliss might as well list that barking dog as co-owner as well.

Same as six an half a dozen.

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Lot # 29

Robin the Landlord's 
Vagina Monologue


"All trees fall eventually."

(didn't know what to say/wasn't expecting to hear anything like that)

"We cut one tree down, we might as well cut them all down."

"Well, Robin... 
if  there's something you know I don't know, 
maybe we should cut them all down?
But I certainly hope that isn't the case. 
For now,  
this one is the only one I'm concerned about."
~(James E. Avery, DVM)~ 

"It's a live tree.  A pretty tree.  For all we know, it might live to be another hundred year."

Oh how everything this little woman says sounds like nothing
"Justifying!"  "Justifying!" "Justifying!"

One right after another!

How we stood at the base of this tree before it fell, me observing Robin trying to determine how this tree was going to fall onto my property before she began all this justifying; but not until after first giving me permission cutting this tree of theirs down...

Will never forget that day the three of us sat in my living room,
supposedly trying to resolve the dispute we were having
this very large tree that had finally fallen after several months of anxiety on my part,
my property from this rental property of theirs next to mine.

Although coming close but missing the Star Magnolia tree,
completely demolished an evergreen fir tree of mine.

This whole time,
her husband Scott Dowell
on the couch quietly beside her like a timid little mouse,
I'm becoming more and more frustrated dealing with this Robin the Landlord.

She's now claiming,
although an arborist I paid looking at the tree telling me it was a goner due to some  insect infection,
this was still an "act of god" because the tree was still alive at the time it fell.

Wasn't their responsibility paying the cost
removing from my yard what used to be their tree,

"I saw that tree fall. 
Had I been working in the yard, would of had no warning that tree was coming down. "
~(James E. Avery, DVM)~ 

Robin's body shook slightly upon hearing this, her eyelids fluttering at the same time

The day it fell,
had just gotten home early from work.
Just happened to look out the window.
  A sunny and windless day.

Suddenly just fell...quietly.

Then Robin finally said it:
"To be honest with you, 
we view this rental property of ours next to yours, 
only an investment, 
helping pay our children's way through school."

That was the wrong thing to say to this gay man not legally allowed the choice
marriage and a family in the state of Georgia.

Had Robin lived in my house with her husband and their children,
she would be paying
same amount of property taxes I'm paying;
 the bulk of which happens to fund the school system of DeKalb County.

If you look up this property's tax information,
you will find Samowinee, Llc listed as the owner.

Samowinee, Llc
2231 Kodiak Drive Ne
AtlantaGA 30345

Registered Agent

Dowell, Robin R.
Atlanta, GA 30345
Do not care.

Still expect Robin and her husband to approach any dispute we have over our adjacent properties
the same as if we were living next door to each other.

 Absolutely do not agree with them believing themselves having the rights increasing their profit margin
 this rental property in any way at my expense if seen as being dismissive in any way,shape,or form...
my concerns.

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The Girl Next Door With Fluorescent Pink Hair

Lot # 11

Pernicious Prevaricating 
"OH! We're Not That Kind of Christian!"

"Am I correct 
Dr. Gary to be head of household?"
~(James E. Avery, DVM)~

"No. No. We're equally head of household."
~(Janet Claire Segers Gary)~

Not going to say much here except my experience with Bob and Janet Gary,
an email in which they first concurred together against me and ever since,
the final straw that broke this camel's back.

Never had a problem with these two as my neighbors until learning I had wrongly 
G. Robert Gary, Sr., ThD the intellectual first; 
believed his wife Janet Gary, my only friendly neighbor until this email, her Christian grace to be true.

Find it interesting,
Janet Claire Segers Gary 
as the only owner of this property
directly across the street from my home;
 now a rental.

James E. Avery, DVM
all alone with two cats,
concurring with anyone at all.

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As the definition 
a conspiracy at it simplest 
 two against one;
have a preferrence for a different way of defining a conspiracy,
created based on my life experience, 
says the same thing .

Takes one to masturbate.
Two to procreate.
Three before anyone:

It's not BiPolar if good reasons.

We're suppose to have two poles 
I intend on using them 
I see fit.

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