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Sunday, June 1, 2014


 Simply Jim said...

Not sure how "Thank God for AIDS" fits in with this blog article?

Anyway, here my reply:

As God's omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence is a paradox incompatible with the idea of human free will; yes indeed if truly there is a God, then Rev. Phelps is right! We must thank God for 9-11. We must thank God for Dead Soldiers. We must thank God for the AIDS pandemic. But if we are to do the math correctly, then it's wrong for us to stop there; we must continue. We must also thank God for FAGS and even Rev. Phelps as well.  If we do not, then God fails/cease to be omniscience; even existing altogether. 

Why even bother thanking God for anything at all.

As much a tragedy the AIDS pandemic was for those who had to suffer through it personally, there was a small silver lining to the AIDS pandemic.  If you think of negative stereotyping of homosexuals with their sex addictions,  drug addictions, and any other kind and combination of  addictions as an ICEBERG;  it's the tip of the ICEBerg above the water that everyone is on.   

Not JUST the homosexuals with their percentage for addiction abuses  significantly higher than the population at large making up the tip of this ICEBERG which setting the negative stereotype for all homosexuals in the opinions of all the others. It is....EVERYONE...that's on  the tip of this ICEBERG with no one down under as there is no one without an addiction of some kind.  

Not in America there isn't.  Not with the wealth America enjoys compared with the bulk of our world as well as absolutely no excuse living the "life of ignorance" apparently a majority prefers; living this digital age with all the worlds knowledge available at one fingertips.

And this IS the "tragic" vision , as opposed to a "balanced" vision possible...of....the human kind;  the "larger than life cross" in my yard with it's "insensible writing" referred to by our neighborhood's Iranian Uranium Enrichment Concubine, Bobby B. Rasulnia.   

Did Bobby not even try google searching this?  

How is it, that our "Miracle Baby" Tim Tebow able motivating three  million "couch potatoes" into looking up bible verses on their computer...DURING ONE GAME; while Bobby and those the likes of  him and his USELESS GREEN ACRE FAGGOT handler Charles W. Bliss living our neighborhood had days and days and days to at least ask me what each and every one of those signs in my yard meant if  too lazy going onto my blogs and reading for themselves the blog article I had associated with each and every one of them up and ready to read the day the signs with up onto the tree (except for the large cross which had been up several months already)?   

Over and over and over I heard nothing signs were inflammatory! 

 Inflammatory?!  Why were they inflammatory?  Until someone tell me exactly why, I'm only able assuming these people obviously were in need of being offended?  Overdue a good offending more like it!   

So...expecting no one...STILL... willing discussing any of these signs and other topics with me; will ask two other questions of you instead:

  Did any of our "three million couch potatoes" learn anything useful from Tim Tebow during that one game?     

With America's population roughly 80% Christian,  could this be the reason Christian are finding my signs so inflammatory; they actually prefer living a life of  "ignorance is bliss"?   Even to the point of  feeling their rights violated because they can't even defend their opinion against  a sign nothing but words, seen in my yard?      ,

As it so obvious, to me at least anyway, seeing that it's the homosexuals and drug user making the news though some crime related incidence setting the negative stereotype for homosexual and drug users as a whole; only a homosexual or a drug user would appreciate to the full extent just how much both are dispersed, unknown to all the rest, silently throughout our society as a whole. 

The AIDS pandemic, in a way, lifted the bulk of that ICEBERG almost completely above the surface of the water for all to see just how little separation there was between them and us. No family or class was spared.  In the future, once the bulk of the horror of the pandemic has passed, it will be credited for speeding up the GAY CIVIL RiGHTS MOVEMENT.

And the same goes for drug abuse/dealers. Drug abuse is never going to go away. And only until we legalize all drug use, will America drug addiction ever be effectively dealt with. Only then will responsibility for America's Addictions fall back upon those who should have been shouldering this responsibility all along...the parents, family, friends, co-workers, etc.; who instead choose to pass blame/responsibility to the authorities wanting them to do their baby-sitting. 

Those headline grabbing drug bust every few years are a fucking joke. Never once has my drug addiction in any way been affected/slowed down/inconvenienced by those raids. It's just an illusion taking advantage of class warfare/arrogance by America's wealthy half who are better positioned and able hiding their addictions from the public. Or with a surplus, better able controlling their circumstances and rebounding from their addictions, compared to those without who are controlled by them. One is not always able exercising good judgement.

 And I know of one young gay man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the amount of drugs he was caught dealing. Those people who would have purchased all those drugs from him would have had no problem finding a replacement source I can assure you. Inconvenience for a week at most; and I'm not talking about the one spending fifteen years in jail being punished for what???

Where there is a demand, there will always be a supply. 

That's  AMERICAN capitalism!!!
At it's finest!!! 

And we know just how addicted "REAL" Americans are to their exceptionalism!

In fact,  
the issue of gun control is another American example of just how exceptional we can be.

We're even the one's they buy their guns from; 
 I'm talking the drug cartel just south of our border with Mexico,  it's government unable bringing under control...STILL...even with it's financial  aid from America  fighting the drug cartel.  It's just our money cancelling our money out; but it good for business here.  In fact, it stimulating our economy; depending on your perspective.  

Legalizing the drug trade would definitely put an end to this and place what ever problem remains with crime associated with America's addiction 
the American people themselves.

It's our addictions!

It's our laws we're breaking!

What's the point of illegal drugs being made somewhere else when they might as well be made legally here???

It's our money that's making the drug cartel super rich!

The more money they have to spend getting the illegal drugs here to us;  they just pass on to it customers, leaving less money leftover for us spending here in America...

  The crimes associated with the drug trade should definitely exceptionally be ours as well!

This war on drugs of ours...
whole lot like owning a boat:

Nothing but a hole in the water 
we just keep pouring money into!

"Dana.  You and Jon trying for a second one?"
~(Simply Jim:  Pro-Choice)~

We've decided to focus our attention on other priorities first.  
In fact, 
we even stopped trying for this one."

How about you and Riley?  
Thinking you might want to add a third sometimes in the future?"
~(Simply Jim:  Pro-Choice)~

"NOOO!!!!  TWO'S ENOUGH!!!!"

"Do you realize you are our family's legal alien?
~(GREAT UNCLE JIM:  We've only met once before.)~


~(Cruz Ryder Rodriguez)~

"Now that one was funny!  
Have to remember and tell Jon this one! 
We're even teaching him to mark off  
on all the forms he has to fill out."
~(Dana Michelle Devine-Rodriguez)~

Cruz isn't old enough to read yet.
Believe that's...NOT... one of his options either.  
But yeah!  
You got the right idea going there.  
This is something you definitely need to be teaching him to be 
prepared for and against, 
before they beat you to him."
~(Dead Man Walking)~

What do fat women 
a ton of bricks have in common?

They both get laid by...

How come Mexico 
have a summer olympic track team?

All those that 
can hop, skip, and jump are already... 

I've even have the misfortune 
a Mexican Nephew-in-Law ; Conservative as well.
Apparently the family he comes from doesn't
 believe in the

He was born here legally.
Therefore, did not need passing a test first, before  becoming an American Citizen.

"Hey! Here something I would love for you to do once getting back home to Arkansas; something I would luv uploading to my blog.  While video recording Richard, (my brother-in-law), I want you to ask him a series of questions for me."

1. Richard, one day in the near future, maybe even during your lifetime, we could possibly have someone running for President of the United States of America named Cruz Ryder Rodriguez...
Would you vote for him?

Of course he would!

2.  But what if he just as much a Liberal as Barack Hussein Obama...
Would you still vote for him?

Of course he would!

3.  But this Cruz Ryder Rodriguez isn't your grandson, just someone happened to have the same name...
Would you vote for him?

Absolutely not!  

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