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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Re: Requested Meeting? 

Beth LaRocca-Pitts ( 


Friday, July 11, 2014 6:49 AM 

Jim I apologize. We are having some email issues at the church. I must have lost your message requesting a meeting with me and two other folks. Do you mind telling me why you want to meet? That will help me pick the other folks for the meeting. I confess I'm having trouble understanding your emails and what, at base, it is that you are asking for. Can you boil it down for me?

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On Jul 11, 2014, at 3:10 AM, 

"James Avery" 


Dear Sister Beth, 

Needing to verify that you have received an email from me requesting a meeting with you and two others from your church.   Needing to know whether or not this can be arraigned; or what it is you need from me in order for this to happen?   Again, I'm currently not working, therefore  my schedule is completely flexible. Waiting to hear from you.

Any and as much information able providing to me in a timely manner, both positive and negative, will go a long way in helping me decide what would best be able helping me with the meths addiction if having to consider other alternatives.  Requesting help from St. Mark was automatically ruled out in the beginning, because I was wanting to witness how adult Methodist discussed politics, religion, and the raising of their children.   

The Story of Hagar and Ishmael: Good Advise? Are Just Another Miracle Baby Tebow?

As my meths addiction is now back to being a daily habit again, ended up following the advice suggested by the first of the two Sunday services attended at St. Mark; the one where Hagar and Ishmael are sent away...and almost dying in the desert.  

DeKalb Crisis Center: Three Year Anniversary

Had I a crystal ball and knew what I now know,  would have done this a long time ago.  All along, these trips of theirs from Arkansas to visit me here in Atlanta were about them instead of me.  Three valuable years wasted on them for them to have heard nothing; even more years taken away from the end of mine.  And now finding myself in an even deeper hole needing to crawl out of.  

All we have to do, is work on a way introducing me to your congregation up front as to who and what I'm am.  Then they come to me with invitations joining them in their discussions/activities.  This way the shock value, will be lessened, but not eliminated.  From this point, I will work with you on figuring out ways getting other Churches sharing this burden with you.  

Think of it as a form of reverse enumeration of our sets into one.  As there are already too many sets within the Christian sect alone,  I will be in my own set, all by my lonesome, as an Simply Jim: TRULY BLUE BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL; giving us only two sets starting with.  Everyone else will be in a set labeled only as "PALE BLUE DOT";  living the shell part of an oyster potentially having a pearl but for now... 
 just an irritating piece of grit.  

As this Methodist Church is TGO,  really don't see the need worrying too much;  as it should already be used to drama.  Rev. Noblitt certainly has no excuse being  easily ruffled by my act as he's even a counselor in addition to theater;  unless...maybe feeling threatened by....what he see as...competition?  Just think Marilyn Monroe's Method Acting. 

Anyway, ultimate goal hoping for, at least discussing at some point, is moving me into Glenn Memorial.  Even asking advise about a Methodist Tribunal or some form of reconciliation with the help of Emory University.  The scars are just too deep for this to simply go away by the use shunning; and made worse with each perniciousness and prevarication. 

"Wit should be more like the nibble of a sheep than the bite of a dog; for if it's like the bite of a dog it's no longer witty but insulting instead." 

Sincerely Yours, 

James E. Avery, DVM
(404) 788-9263

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