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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Imagination of Jesus of Nazareth, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King: Maybe It Might Have Been Better Had They Never Lived?


William R. Conley
Yesterday 11:45 PM
So true
What we think can just as easy became real

Nikola Kokkinos
2:00 AM
I believe in intuition and imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating process, giving birth to evolution. It is strictly speaking, areal factor in scientific research

Akshay Kumar
2:13 AM
Be friend with stupid people, feel like genius, all the time.

Marah Alsaadi
6:08 AM
Yes sure and i think that there should be aknowledge first then it will help us to have imagination some times ...

Pabitra Kr Das
11:09 AM


I always imagined myself in a spaceship in distant future, sailing the uncharted territories of space...

5:50 PM

One can not separate them, Mr.  Einstein

5:51 PM

Imagination is limited without knowledge.

Jim Ed Avery
5:59 PM
But even Einstein  still failed the same as M.L.K. and Jesus failed in spite of how hard they tried explaining these epiphanies of theirs, as they related to the tragic nature of the human species, inspiring them to to be the person we only know they eventually became.  The only difference between the three of them,  is that one of them unintentionally with the use of his imagination figured out a way turning a hypothetical already being discussed within the science community into an equation that was just way too simple enough making it possible for those within the  human species just as knowledgeable and imaginative as Einstein  in their own rights, but of the wrong kind.

So I pose a question to you without waiting for the answers:

What's the difference between a crazy man, an angry man, and a genius?

A crazy man could find no one willing to let him finish telling them of an epiphany he thought extremely important enough,  just could not give it a break.  Eventually he burns down his house with him still in it;  thought it was laughing at him instead of with him.   But how would we possibly know this when no one would let him finish telling them an epiphany of empending doom?

An angry man is finding no one willing to hear the whole story..  But...eventually  finds a way getting your attention.  He burns down your house with you still in it/maybe the wrong house.    But it would not matter who it was in this house as he will plead...and rightfully so ... "not guilty."  Sometimes a man's  gotta do what a man's gotta do....SACRIFICE THEMSELVES.  Just as easily  a woman as well.   "YOU DO NOT CONCLUDE UNTIL UNDERSTANDING.  Once understanding...YOU DO NOT JUDGE!"

A genius will be the one getting all the credit for the building of an Atomic Bomb...and the burning down of houses on a massive scale.  But the discovery that a bomb of this magnitude could  theoretically also be possible,  along with many other scientific breakthrough related to Einstein's equation  of E=mc2,  was someone elses;  the thought of a bomb never occurring to Einstein until pointed out to him by another scientist.

  In 1939, a group of Hungarian scientists that included émigré physicist Leó Szilárd attempted to alert Washington of ongoing Nazi atomic bomb research. The group's warnings were discounted. Einstein and Szilárd, along with other refugees such as Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner, "regarded it as their responsibility to alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists might win the race to build an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a weapon." On July 12, 1939, a few months before the beginning of World War II in Europe, Szilárd and Wigner visited Einstein and they explained the possibility of atomic bombs, to which pacifist Einstein replied: Daran habe ich gar nicht gedacht ("I had not thought of that at all"). Einstein was persuaded to lend his prestige by writing a letter with Szilárd to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to alert him of the possibility. The letter also recommended that the U.S. government pay attention to and become directly involved in uranium research and associated chain reaction research.

The letter is believed to be "arguably the key stimulus for the U.S. adoption of serious investigations into nuclear weapons on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II". In addition to the letter, Einstein used his connections with the Belgian Royal Family and the Belgian queen mother to get access with a personal envoy to the White House's Oval Office. President Roosevelt could not take the risk of allowing Hitler to possess atomic bombs first. As a result of Einstein's letter and his meetings with Roosevelt, the U.S. entered the "race" to develop the bomb, drawing on its "immense material, financial, and scientific resources" to initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to successfully develop an atomic bomb during World War II.

For Einstein, "war was a disease ... [and] he called for resistance to war." By signing the letter to Roosevelt he went against his pacifist principles. In 1954, a year before his death, Einstein said to his old friend, Linus Pauling, "I made one great mistake in my life—when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification—the danger that the Germans would make them ..."

Although the atomic bomb is his biggest regret and still yet  being justifictions that the Germans might be close to producing one themselves; can't help but find it amusing how the Germans got so close so quickly to producing an Atomic bomb when the Jews responsible, and not just Einstein,  where fleeing Germany elsewhere with the imaginative skills responsible for the knowledge  eventually accumulating into the production of an Atomic bomb...  with the help of the U.S. entering the "race" to develop the bomb, drawing on its "immense material, financial, and scientific resources" to initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to successfully develop an atomic bomb during World War II.

Then I come across the following regarding Einstein view on religion:

Einstein was then asked to what extent he was influenced by Christianity. "As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene."   Einstein was then asked if he accepted the historical existence of Jesus, to which he replied, "Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life."

He stressed however in a conversation with William Hermanns that, "I seriously doubt that Jesus himself said that he was God, for he was too much a Jew to violate that great commandment: Hear O Israel, the Eternal is our God and He is one!' and not two or three." Einstein lamented, "Sometimes I think it would have been better if Jesus had never lived. No name was so abused for the sake of power!" Nevertheless, he also expressed his belief that "if one purges the Judaism of the Prophets and Christianity as Jesus Christ taught it of all subsequent additions, especially those of the priests, one is left with a teaching which is capable of curing all the social ills of humanity.

Could it be possible that it might have been better if Einstein and M.L.K. had never lived as well...also.

Or just Einstein, as he was the one who got to live long enough to be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery in theoretical physics; precursor to the cellphone technology  responsible for even another kind of mass destruction of the social kind rather  than the good it could have been.

I'm going to focus, instead, on what all three (Jesus, M.L.K. and Einstein) have in common:

That Jesus' Life Story as it is interpreted by the mob mentality brains of Christians living today's world nothing but a "bothced"cruxifixion; the Christians having turned his life story into a blank check...the gift that keeps on giving without  con$ent by Jesus.

Martin Luther King had gotten it right as well, although only known for his civil rights activism for African-Americans when in fact it was Civil Rights for all actually.  At the time of his assasination, his speeches had already began their drifts away from the black cause to that of suffering by the poor in general;  in effect, still helping the black cause mostly.

The quality of a good leader is one able disappointing his own people at  rate they can absorb.

And this takes a lot of imagination to accomplish.


kenza moumou 
 8:18 AM 1

 Reply it is true that there is a difference between knowledges and intelligence

aruqe seikh 
 10:10 AM

 Ya imagination is d true sign of intelligence...

Jim Ed Avery 3:04 PM

 While morality is shaped by one's worldview; one's intent shapes reality. Knowledge is the sum total of what one knows objectively. And this includes worldliness and common sense; not just book smarts.

 Intelligence is how efficiently one triangulates within their knowledge range accumulating new knowledge; but knowledge overall that is already known by someone. This is an active process requiring effort. Although the skills for intelligence can be taught through formal education, experience can be nature's cruel way of giving the test first; followed by it's lessons. Those who survive the experience, have the extra incentive making the efforts learning the skills. 

 Sometimes, one does not realized, although extremely knowledgeable, intelligence has stalled; even if only becoming lazy due to less need in order surviving. We call these people "arrogant" and/or "obtuse". 

Sometimes we call people "stupid", when for reasons only known to them, may actually have been conscientious efforts at surviving; one requiring imagination known as denial. Imagination, also, is a learned skill; one requiring leisure time without distractions, developing over time through use and practice, even, if unintentional due to isolation. 

 As one's intent shapes reality; the other end of the same stick is denial. The imaginations eventually leading the U.S. to developing the first Atomic bomb, also the same imaginations ending up bringing down the two towers of our World Trade Center. 

 The same as there must first be a common interest before there is a conflict, there must first be something different before there can be an advantage; therefore, imagination nothing more than a tool one develops surviving no less than denial helped accomplish same effect. 

 It's beginning to appear to me, in the end after all is said and done: 
everything is assumption based...even...E=mc2. 

 There is no such thing as right and wrong... or... good and evil; only the by-products of circumstance. Morality is nothing obligated; only our own consciousness we must reconcile with effort. Which we never will until too late. 

We're doomed.

It is true! 

 What goes up must come down...

 Like spectrum of light... 
no one is going anywhere without anyone.

 IOANA Datcu 
 5:02 PM

 Jim, I was just about to agree with you since you have many good points. What changed my mind is your denial of the only sure principle of our existence: the duality. Nothing is happening in the universe without the existence of its opposite. One phenomenon creates its opposite. We are not doomed, regardless of the extremism, greed, meanness, violence, we experience in our time. All of these ugly traits create much goodness somewhere, in the same time.

 Jim Ed Avery 6:49 PM

 I am unable disagreeing with anything you've just said; except, your certainty of "duality"...the only sure principle of our existence. As this is assumption based, I'm still throwing my lot in with Spinoza and Einstein. Spinoza contends that "Deus sive Natura" ("God or Nature") is a being of infinitely many attributes, of which thought and extension are two. His account of the nature of reality, then, seems to treat the physical and mental worlds as intertwined, causally related, and deriving from the same substance. Spinoza describes how the human mind is affected by both mental and physical factors. He directly contests dualism.

 But it is strange how I happened upon both Spinoza and Kurt Godel, most especially Kurt Godel, due to interests on a personal level, I couldn't help but feel was growing between me and Albert Einstein. And all this started out, with me only using the Internet and Google's Search Engine, trying to find a way of killing God.

 At least that word anyway, as I see it the only possible way attempting another reset in the language of how we discuss God and Politics. "

Albert Einstein was also living at Princeton during this time. Gödel and Einstein subsequently developed a strong friendship, and were known to take long walks together to and from the Institute for Advanced Study. The nature of their conversations was a mystery to the other Institute members. Economist Oskar Morgenstern recounts that toward the end of his life Einstein confided that his "own work no longer meant much, that he came to the Institute merely ... to have the privilege of walking home with Gödel".


 As this is my mother I'm no longer speaking with because of me being "METHODIST FAG THE POLITICAL CATALYST" as well as "SIMPLY JIM: One PEARL, Total PIG, Anti-Christ" and many others monikers I've given myself; following the breadcrumbs nature has laid out for me, 
I veered off into reading what Wikipedia had to say about Godel. This just sounded way too homoerotic for me not too. It does not have to be sex physically to be the same thing. 
 And I discovered he died on January 14, having starved himself to death due to paranoia. 

 January 14, 1962 is my birth date.


 TAO~g(Pale 6!9 Dot)d~OG

 Jesus is supposedly also a capricorn the same as me,
 and I'm a veterinarian who considers himself a cat person; 
 Me and Jesus 
get to be both half goat and half catfish. 
Another example of the trinity being nothing but a language tool 
2 substantive and 1 unsubstantive 
2 unsubstantive and 1 substantive.



 As my definition of God nothing more than the sum of all of us having a face like that of a digital clock changing with every second;  constantly new departures and arrivals:
 God's spelling 
changes to a form of enumeration with the use of "Zero be the Hero" as opposed to "No God" 
still remaining a real number.



 The internet is the closest we are ever getting to knowing the mind of God.
With everyone uploading all their personal informations and thoughts, 
dead people coming back to life through websites like Wikipedia and through Fan Pages like this one, 
 even through characters such as Dr. Seuss' Lorax taking on life themselves just by reason of being impressionable; 
we have entered a new level/realm where money and plastic have taken on lives of their own if able 
income much more than me within their own rights.


U=Pragmatic Competence

 If nothing's a miracle once we know it's possible; therefore then, there is no such thing as artificial life as we know it can be recreated out of dust and water with the use of light as the source of energy due to E=mc2. The universe itself is a life within it's own right; even if life no longer existing as we know it. We just know it possible to start all over again....sometime god is the eternal and not two or three. 

 When I said we're doomed, 
I was just saying we will destroy ourselves/yourself back to the original elements before our sun does it automatically billions of years from now.  

But otherwise we go no where. 

The universe is a great recycler of it's resources; 
not the souls nothing more than energy imprinted in brain matter with the use 
no differently than a hardware(s) with software(s) uploaded to them.

Yesterday 7:55 PM
Dear Jim, you are a very interesting man. I agree with your perception of God . I like to read about Godel first. I'll come back to you.

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