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Tuesday, July 29, 2014



 Gareth MacLean Orkney 
Yesterday 9:35 AM 
 Efficient enough... 

 Matt Cohen 
Yesterday 10:06 AM 
 That is not an Einstein quote. 

 Martin Polack 
Yesterday 10:28 AM 
 +Matt Cohen Agree. There are hundreds of quotes wrongly attributed to AE. 

 John Fullerton 
Yesterday 11:24 AM 
 He did not believe in god, and this site will muddle our understanding of what he actually thought, because so much of it is plainly bogus. 

 Sahar Khashayar 
Yesterday 11:29 AM
 Einstein was agnostic/atheist. He never said anything along these lines. 

 Graham Van Duvet 
Yesterday 12:08 PM 

 Lawrence Cooper 
Yesterday 5:08 PM 
 Sometimes God is as subtle as a Mack truck t/boning you in an intersection 

 Pete Bingel 
Yesterday 5:57 PM 
 It is an actual Einstein quote. When asked what he meant by it he said "Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse." His use of "God" in this quote is the same use that he used in the quote "God does not play dice"  

 Khaled El Sheikh 
3:39 AM 
 yes, it's einstein's as he believed in Spinoza's pantheism, the deification of the universe.. but one ca say that he tender to believe in some power holding the parts of the universe together above that of the natural laws.. 

Jim Ed Avery 
8:46 AM 

 If GOD is for US; then WHO can be against US? 


 GOD EITHER BE NOTHING MORE THAN THE ETERNAL (from which we are exempt) AND NOT TWO OR THREE; or nothing more than an abstract thought that dies along with the last of us when no longer observers left keeping this debate alive which will come to it's end no other way...? 

 U = Pragmatic Competence; not "US" that = Pragmatic Competence 

 As all language is assumption based, there is no such thing as 100% Pragmatic Competence between any two participants in a discussion. 

 What other word could Einstein use in it's place when trying to find a common ground with those who consider themselves people of "faith"? 

 And I can't help but feel, even Jesus, IN HIS OWN THOU ARTFUL DODGER WAY, was trying to accomplish the same effect as Einstein and Spinoza...? 

 And it's quite clear to me why they all failed in accomplishing their intent? 

Just look at how many "climate change deniers" we still have with us today! 

 Worldview shapes morality; but it's intent that determines the reality.

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