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Monday, May 5, 2014

I Am?

Thoughts to consider:
If God does indeed still exit,
 and did indeed appeared before mankind as man in flesh himself through Jesus of Nazareth...
what's to stop him from doing this again?
Could this maybe have already happened?
Over, and over, and over again; frequently as he thought it necessary?
Maybe, it's just time for another monumental corrective!
Are you aware, before there can be an Anti-Christ,
there must first be a Christ?
~(Simply Jim: Mature Methodist Crackhead)~
If Jesus of Nazareth died becoming Christ going one way, which, by the way is not the same as saying the importants of Jesus having lived and walked among us at one time has been deminished in any way...
 why can't James Edward Avery, DVM live becoming Anti-Christ the other way? 
If it absolutely just can not be me given the credit for

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