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Monday, February 24, 2014

All politics is local - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All politics is local - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The phrase, "All politics is local" is a common phrase in U.S. politics. The former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O'Neill coined this phrase, which encapsulates the principle that a politician's success is directly tied to his ability to understand and influence the issues of his constituents.  Politicians must appeal to the simple, mundane and everyday concerns of those who elect them into office. Those personal issues, rather than big and intangible ideas, are often what voters care most about, according to this principle. Politicians often use this against one another, as well, to hit each other where it hurts most—back at home—rather than on the floor of Congress. The concept is contrary to the notion that most people, somehow, in local elections are casting votes to "send a message" to the highest levels; instead, the principle predicts that most people will not decide who to vote for in local elections simply as a means to act on feelings about national politicians, such as concerns about a current U.S. President, but that they make decisions based on how they feel local interests are being addressed. The prediction is that most people who vote, or debate issues, are focused on resolving their local issues.


"I'm curious Mother. 
Not only is Mike Ross's mother a cousin of Dad's;  Mike's not all that blue even if a Blue Dog Democrat.
Considering Dad was about as Republican as one can get,
who did Dad vote for?
 ~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~ 

"Mike's also family, so we ought to have a conflict of interest here for a your sterotypical Republican."
~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~ 

"Funny you should ask. Do not remember. But I do remember the two of us listening to Jim Mckenzy try explaining  to us why he was voting for Mike Ross."
~(My Mother)~

So what you are telling me is,  Jim Mckkenzie and Betty Mckenzie are REPUBLICAN!?"
But they were both my high school Sunday School Class leaders; a leadership responsibiity they shared with his law firm partner Glenn Vasser and his wife Judy Vasser.  Thought they knew better!" 

  ~(SimplyJim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

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