So Strong; yet so calm: Mary's Choice.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"Money's not important."
~(My Sister/Pre-Marriage)~

"Like to see you 
~(Charles Densen Avery, MD)~

"(laughing at the two of them)"
~(Our Mother)~

Are you aware, 
frugal Republican father...CHARGED.. just as much delivering
he does a white baby, 
holding them back
a fair chance at the American pie?"
~(My Sister: 07: Thanksgiving 2013 My Home)~

But he sent them... ONE... final bill!
 Most of them,
 didn't finished paying him back!"
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

You really do need to stop cheering for the Confederate Army 
watch a Civil War Era movie; 
especially considering,
you do is play tennis 
your rich Republican lady tennis friends!"
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~ 

"But that's just the way it.. WAS... back then!"
~(My Sister: 07 : My Home Here in Atlanta)~

"Yes, Donna!  You are correct.  
It's a good thing there has been improvement.  
But it was our family having nothing to do with it!  
You and your family, 
having nothing to do with it!"
~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

"i(fists pressed against her thighs/stammering)!"
~(My Sister: 07 : Same place(?)time)~

"All right!.  That's enough.  Let's move on to something else."
~(My Mother: 0 : Same place(?)time)~

"I don't care how educated a black man is;
still a nigger."
~(My Brother: 05 : Dinner Table Prescott, Arkansas)~

"David!  Why would you say such a thing?!"
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

Don't go there. 
You will...JUST...not understand.  
Just won't!"
~(My Mother: 0 :Same Place(?)time)~

"Certainly won't now!"
~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

~(My Mother: 0 :Here Atlanta After Obama sworn into office)~

Do you not realize, after both of us first being huge Hilliary supporter, what it mean refusing to vote for Obama with your gay son practically begging?  Then, with the suggestion that you should if that's who Hilliary wanted you to vote for;  telling you when that didn't work, all your reasons being for Hilliary were wrong to begin with?  Then being told you didn't vote for Obama because,  'just couldn't, just couldn't,  just left it blank,' is not the same as saying you didn't actually vote for McCain?  And, we already discussed this over the phone, me asking 
you were aware McCain... WAS... already clearly the winner 
Georgia and Arkansas?  
I'm so sorry,
 but this is just your polite way of agreeing with my redneck brother, 
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

Do you realize...I'M... eighty years old?! 
Is this fair?"
~(My Mother: 0 :  Atlanta Again/Supposedly!Supportive)~

"YES, mother!  
Not only do you still vote, 
you still drive a car between Prescott and Sherwood, Arkansas.  If you have the rights accidentally stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brakes, 
I'm definitely insisting on the rights not having to let you get away so easily 

~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

"Oh NO! 
We didn' California,
San Francisco."
~(My Sister: 07 :Arkansas/Embarrassing Mothing  and Two Daughters)~

I'm pretty sure this has something to do with growing up small town of Prescott, Arkansas. 
 If I heard it a lot, 
and only a seven years age difference between me and my sister,
lots of white girls running off to California with black men back then as well.  The story  always the same, "[white girl (her name and family's) ran off to California with a black man (don't recall anyone caring who)].

Eventually, by the time my sister popular enough to be voted  Home Coming Queen, all I needed overhearing was California; 
the rest being just "fill in the blanks." 

I don't know? 
Probably a pretty complicated equation here as well;
possibility "a 7 years difference" making 

But as usual,
 mother will not believe me on anything; or at least acknowledge it.  She was valedictorian of a small class hardly nobody Banks, Arkansas; and I'm the only one in our family she can have an intelligent conversation with.  

she certainly like it when I listened  as she vented to me about the rest of our family.  
And I listened.  

For the most part agreeing with her on everything.

 that was long time ago before even graduating high school.

"Oh NO!
just METRO Atlanta!"
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~


And I'm just now realizing...
except for some of the clinics worked as a relief veterinarian, 
any(?) time 
leaving home on a trip was  leaving 
State of Georgia,


And my mother and sister are scared to death, or at least my sister is, 
from just outside the perimeter to my home in Decatur, Georgia.

"This word "Gay Ghetto" I read 
in your blog...
sounds like a horrible place!"
~(My Mother: 0 :"They shoot horses don't they!)~

"You can relax now, Mother!  You're already here! 
I'm the one(?)again probably having to move; 
this time(?)everyone thinking I'm Bipolar, crazy, etc.,  since having to performed my own addiction intervention.
 never getting Mother confessing her contribution to this whole mess. 

Refusing to believe(?) staying in Arkansas will help in spite of all my attempts/frustration trying to explain this to her.  Why, because she does not witness just how much calmer I am living when she  not here! 

Then again,,,
maybe Mother know exactly what she is doing.  
Every birthday my Mother has is another 1,2,or 3 birthdays taken away from...ME!

just maybe, 
Mother is trying to cheat me out of the will/trust fund dad so carefully had planned before departing us; 
our girls, 
Donna, Stephenie, and Dana, 
getting more with the trust fund 
having to be split, when Mother dies, with me the fag?"
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

"Is it wrong that I don't won't my son to be gay?"
~(My Mother: 0 :Methodist?)~

"No mother!  
It is not wrong that you don't want your son to be gay.  
But you've known since I was twenty-three 
I'm now forty-seven.
~(Simply Jim: One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ)~

"He's got this idea that Virgin Mary was raped."
~(My Mother : 0 : Georgia Regional Hospital/Involuntary)~

"He... like to spend... money!"
~(My Mother : 0 : Georgia Regional Hospital/Involuntary)~

"Going to have to rethink this one.  
Certainly one way stopping someone from being gay.  
they (THE METHODISTS) certainly do not like throwing(?)money away, 
~(Simply Jim:  One Pearl, Total Pig, Ant-Christ)~


For some reason at this point, 
thought of the state of Georgia recently having had a veterinarian who was Governor.

Wonder what church Gov. Perdue and his family went to?
(Searching Wikipedia) The answer:  Baptist

"Among those who served the Confederacy were many African-Americans, both free and slave, who saw action in the Confederate armed forces in many combat roles. According to the Georgia government's website on Confederate History Month, they also participated in the manufacture of products for the war effort, built naval ships, and provided military assistance and relief efforts..."
(According to a March 5, 2008, proclamation by Governor Perdue)

Well, me and Sonny Perdue have something in common:
As veterinarians,
we made our money off patients without their consent.

Do pets run away or stop showing loyalty to their owners?
No....not most of them.

It's all they know!

Definitely a balance equation here as well.

Just another one of your usual

And now the realization all those years practicing veterinary medicine,
that I myself,
 far more RED in the beginning before even giving in to RED DEMANDS
of my employers just to keep working!

No wonder definitely wanting out of this profession.

George Ervin "Sonny" Perdue III (born December 20, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 81st Governor of Georgia from 2003 to 2011. Upon his inauguration in January 2003, he became the first Republican Governor of Georgia since Benjamin F. Conley, who served from October 1871 to January 1872 during Reconstruction.

Perdue and his wife, Mary, were married in 1972. They have four children (two boys and two girls) and twelve grandchildren (five boys and seven girls) and have also been foster parents for eight children.

He switched party affiliation from Democratic to Republican in 1998 and was re-elected to the Senate as a Republican.

He was elected Governor of Georgia in November 2002, defeating Democratic incumbent Roy Barnes, 52% to 46% (a Libertarian candidate took 2% of the vote).

He became the first Republican governor of Georgia in over 130 years.

In November 2007, while Georgia suffered from one of the worst droughts in several decades, Perdue, along with lawmakers and local ministers, prayed for rain on the steps of the state Capitol. This came shortly after Alabama Governor Bob Riley issued a proclamation declaring a week in July as "Days of Prayer for Rain" to "humbly ask for His blessings and to hold us steady in times of difficulty." The Atlanta Freethought Society opposed the rain prayer saying in a statement, "The governor can pray when he wants to. What he can't do is lead prayers in the name of the people of Georgia."


I would like to know what has happened since with these eight foster children?
So far sound like a great deed.  

But my experience living among Conservative has taught me to seek out the details.  
It's amazing how slight of hand these people can be!!!

Maybe we just need to read it again...?

"Among those who served the Confederacy were many African-Americans, both free and slave, who saw action in the Confederate armed forces in many combat roles. According to the Georgia government's website on Confederate History Month, they also participated in the manufacture of products for the war effort, built naval ships, and provided military assistance and relief efforts..."
(According to a March 5, 2008, proclamation by Governor Perdue)

Getting my point...yet?

Even if it's true(?)free African-American seeing action in the Confederate armed forces;
at heart, 
after all said and done...

No different than the two-faceness from the likes of our Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas whom we watched being humiliated as we listened to accusations from a black female named Anita Hill during his confirmation hearing; while maintaining a display of pride and support, his white wife present during these hearing as well.

Clarence Thomas would not have risen high enough in the field of law, enabling him being considered in the first place for an opening on Supreme Court bench; without credit being given (somewhere/somehow) to affirmative action policies. Instead, he chooses believing it only served, unfairly, undermining his qualifications as a judge.  In other words, made him look like the Conservatives "token nigger."

While indeed he was in the beginning the Conservatives token nigger, what Conservatives do not seem to realize:  how his nominations highlights the fatally serious flawed workings of the Conservatives brain. Considering that Clarence Thomas appointment to the Supreme Court Bench is for life, can be reasoned, after some time has elapsed, from this perspective:  he's no longer officially a "token nigger."  

Not when turning out his brain works exactly like theirs:  loaded with their usual "confirmation bias" and "justifications."

In other words, Clarence Thomas and his wife are bona fide Conservatives no less an equal to the rest.

In November 2005, controversy erupted when journalist Steve Gilliard posted a photograph on his blog. The image was of African American Michael S. Steele, a politician, then a candidate for U.S. Senate. It had been doctored to include bushy, white eyebrows and big, red lips. The caption read, "I's simple Sambo and I's running for the big house." Gilliard, also African American, defended the image, commenting that the politically conservative Steele has "refused to stand up for his people."
No different than the likes of Micheal Steele who won the chairmanship of the RNC in the sixth round, with 91 votes to Dawson's 77.  Steele, the Republican Party's first African American chief, was selected in the aftermath of President Obama's election, when many in the GOP saw him as a charismatic counter to the first black president.

In other words...
President Barrack Hussein Obama...
Micheal Steele.

Before a Fox News interview on 6 July 2008, a live microphone picked up Jesse Jackson whispering to a fellow guest: "See, Barack's been, ah, talking down to black people on this faith-based... I want to cut his nuts off... Barack, he's talking down to black people" in an apparent response to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's recent speeches on values.
Even with his long history of activism for the civil rights of African-American,  
getting our Rev. Jesse Jackson all confused.

 this is my talent?

As all progress is a negotiation, how can there be progression without someone, somewhere, somehow, first forcing the negotiations.

Feel free to call me an "agitator".
I don't mind.

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