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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nuclear fusion reactions mark a 'milestone' -

it's a promising advance. 
Mark Herrmann/plasma physicist

Nuclear fusion reactions mark a 'milestone'

Physicists create nuclear fusion reactions that produce more energy than was in the fuel involved — the power at work in the sun and other stars. It may be a step toward cleaner nuclear energy.

February 12, 20146:11 p.m.

Nuclear fusion reactions mark a 'milestone' - After two runs of the experiment, the scientists measured the energy output by tracking the energy level of the spare neutrons flying out from the tiny sphere. The first one released 14,400 joules of energy, slightly more than the 12,000 joules contained in the deuterium-tritium fuel to start with. The second run was better: 17,300 joules out for just 9,400 joules in.

Neither of these equations account for the 1.8 million or so joules of energy that streamed in from the lasers; when they're taken into account, 99% of the reaction's total energy was lost.

But it's a start — one that points scientists down a path toward ignition and perhaps making nuclear fusion a practical reality, scientists said.

"I think it's a promising advance," said Mark Herrmann, a plasma physicist at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque who was not involved in the study. "I was excited."

Nuclear fusion would be a cleaner source of energy than the current generation of nuclear power plants because it produces relatively short-lived radioactive byproducts. It could also help scientists understand how to protect and maintain the military's nuclear weapons arsenal without performing full-scale nuclear tests, which the United States stopped doing in 1992.


This doesn't sound right? 

Math doesn't seem to make any sense when data extrapolated over the time.

Sounds a bit...

Too... Homopolar-ish!!

Of the wrong kind/end of the spectrum!!!

(neologism/portmanteau trying to get accepted into Urban dictionary)

portmanteau (Listeni/pɔrtˈmænt//ˌpɔrtmænˈt/; plural portmanteaux or portmanteaus) or portmanteau word is a combination of two (or more) words or morphemes, and their definitions, into one new word. The word comes from the English portmanteau luggage (a piece of luggage with two compartments), itself derived from the French porter (to carry) and manteau (coat), which is a false friend of the French compound word porte-manteau meaning coat rack.
A portmanteau word fuses both the sounds and the meanings of its components, as in smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel. In linguistics, a portmanteau is defined as a single morph which represents two or more morphemes

neologism (/nˈɒləɪzəm/; from Greek νέο- (néo-), meaning "new", and λόγος (lógos), meaning "speech, utterance") is the name for a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language.Neologisms are often directly attributable to a specific person, publication, period, or event. Νεολεξία (neolexίaGreek: a "new word", or the act of creating a new word) is a synonym for it. The term neologism is first attested in English in 1772, borrowed from French néologisme (1734).
A neologism may also be a new usage of an existing word, sometimes called a semantic extension. This distinct from a person's idiolect: their unique patterns of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
In psychiatry, the term neologism is used to describe the use of words that have meaning only to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning. This tendency is considered normal in children, but in adults can be a symptom of psychopathy or a thought disorder(indicative of a psychotic mental illness, such as schizophrenia). People with autism also may create neologisms. Additionally, use of neologisms may be related to aphasia acquired after brain damage resulting from a stroke or head injury.
In theology, a neologism is a relatively new doctrine (for example, Transcendentalism). In this sense, a neologist is one who proposes either a new doctrine or a new interpretation of source material such as religious texts.

(Just a bitchy queen who's technically still a virgin cause he's never had vaginal sex!)




And who is this Mark (Her)rmann fuck, anyway?

Maybe someone should check this person out!?


Dear Amina Khan,

Did you double check your math on this article?

I'm no physicist; just a simple veterinarian.

But maybe this is an example where men and women differ on science and math.

Once asked a female veterinarian associate,
"How many women does it take to change a light bulb?"
She didn't know, so she asked me, 
"I don't know, Jim Ed.
How many women... does... it take to change a light bulb?"

I answered. 
"One to change the bulb and two to form a support group. Ha!"

I had my reasons wanting to tell her this joke that  particular day.

Rolling her eyes up toward the heavens, and just before that greedy sow disappearing into an exam room with a chart that should have been mine (we worked on productivity at this particular clinic), she turned to me and asked in return, 
"How many men does it take to change a light bulb?"

"Do not know, Dominique," 
I answered back. 
"How many men... does... it take to change a light bulb?"

Rolling her eyes upward toward the heavens again, 
she answers, 
One to screw the bulb in 
two to talk about the screwing."

Then she's quickly out of sight into that exam room, busy working on her productivity; leaving me stunned....just stunned... how quickly she came back with that one!

But then there we have it. The proof I need.

She... was... married. And she... did... have two sons.
But the correct answer to her question should have been two:
One to screw the light bulb (woman); two to... kiss and tell...about it later.
"That still adds up to two men, 
not three.

"You women sure do suck at math!"

PIGS 01 : SOWS 00
And here's where the story gets even funnier.

Years later, one of her two sons is now majoring in math. A good field for him to go into, if you ask me (but then again you didn't), just to cut down on the competition with the other sex.  And now retired from the practice of veterinary medicine, this female veterinarian has taken over the responsibility of trying to be a surrogate mother to someone else's daughter.

"Raising two sons were nothing compared to this! They turned out to be easy!"
~(Female, Now(?)Retired, Veterinarian)~

Do not know the whole story here... but comparing the raising of one (surrogate) daughter to the raising of two sons...bit of an overboard wouldn't you think? But at least it sounded like she was making a genuine effort not giving up too quickly as this would have been even more disastrous for this young female; even more unlikely a success story with any third attempt, before even getting into the precious time lost. 

But Dominique was a liberal like myself; if she couldn't do it, can not imagine anyone else being able.  I'm wanting to believe, working with me turned out to be a good experience for Dominique.  I can be quite a drama queen when I want to be.   There was a reason I had no problem with Dominique given the title "Hospital Director" in spite of my seniority over her at that hospital, when Dr. Chapman decided to try something different.  The use of Charlie Brown's "fake pussy is(?)still my game"  just didn't sound right here.  But came close borrowing it.  It definitely evened the playing field with the two of us getting into shouting matches at time.  But the two of us were good at quickly getting over it and moving on.  We pretty much had too.  At least that's what I was thinking at the time...?  

A man yelling at another woman has a chance being accused of sexual harrassment.  Another woman would have just been seen as more of a threat/competition.  Me being openly gay and Dominique a former 'pot smoking flower child/her husband too" allowed us two liberals(?)progressives getting a little more comfortable/intimate in the workplace environment than I've ever felt working with anyone else before.  

And working with Sandy!  And added addition to that one brief period of my life as a veterinarian I could almost point to and say I was fairly content; at least on the job front.  She was also cool working with! Loved her story about a father, sheriff of a small conservative town, marrying a European liberal who cared not whether her new neighbors saw her diving nude into her own swimming pool. Not the European way.  And her husband was the sheriff!  He could not seem to tame his wife/her mother, either, to a new way.  Sandy turned out also to be a talented artists. 

Eventually, a client of Pets Are People, Too set up Sandy on a blind date with a nephew of hers; a wealthy Oncologist, who works only 6 months out of the year according to Sandy.  Didn't take long before the two married and Sandy just working part time then not working at all; at least at  Pets Are People Too.  The last time I remember me and Sandy together at work...she's showing me pictures she had taken on a trip of theirs to Antarctica.  They had already been everywhere else.  Then some time later,  I hear through the grapevine, she became pregnant with a daughter. That's when everything begins falling apart for her and her marriage. She was working again as a relief veterinarian I eventually heard.  We exchanged a couple of emails.  Even had two daughters now.   And something about an excessively close relationship between her husband and his overly intrusive mother to the point of him being mentally disturbed, a psychopath.  

But hearing their stories makes me think/wonder about the story of Lot from the bible and his relationship with his two daughters; not me and my relationship with my mother?

Daughters of today's world... are... caught in between two extreme ends
of the spectrum....think Hadron Collider!

The problem I'm having with my mother is this "Learned Helplessness" of hers that's driving blindly, even brain dead, on autopilot as she continues living comfortably off a TRUST FUND left behind by a HUSBAND/FATHER all of us worked into an early grave!   She's wanting or has been lead to believe, and I can't help but feel I have a right blaming George Robert Gary, Sr. ThD as well as MDIV, she has the responsibility/obligation to step in as the family matriarch now. 

Now that's okay with me as far as my older sister and brother are concerned; but not with me. 

I have never given her any authority speaking on my behalf except, enlisting the help of our family's accountant, Carl Dalrymple, getting my taxes straighten out and and caught up.  The fact that I signed the power of attorney enabling my mother to do this while I was involuntarily committed to Georgia Regional Hospital has nothing to do with this.  I had to sign it before she could do this; meant I was sane enough.  But this was only to get my mother off my back about the interest and penalties.  Turned out I overpaid with my estimated payments, anyway...  and got a refund. 

All along I knew I would eventually get a bill from both federal and state government, plus interest and penalties.   Never worried once about being charged with tax evasion; just didn't care anymore.  Had  decided the headache wasn't worth the time it would have taken to straighten out three-five years of a logistical nightmare brought on by a rational as well as a reasonable depression complicated by the drug addiction, not caused by the drug addiction;  stressing myself out even more just trying to minimize the taxes I owed.

  And most definitely not worth hiring an accountant just to eat up the savings.  I had reached a point where I finally said to myself,  "Let the goverment have it!  My father certainly never paid his fair share of taxes!  Since half of what he earned was considered my mothers, she didn't pay her fair share of taxes.  Since my home was paid for in cash with the $20,000.00 I received yearly, non-taxable, under the gift law while my father was still alive, I didn't pay my fair share of taxes either.  Let the government take more taxes than usual out of those three-five years and not get upset about it."   

When was the last time you seen a conservative think like that!  

Now I have a lien against my home by the State of  Georgia.  They believe they have a right billing me for my involuntary incarceations; with the help of my Arkansan mother and sister.  A bill I refuse to pay because they did absolutley nothing I saw coming anywhere closed to legit practicing of medicine.  

Nothing more, nothing less.
This JAMES E. AVERY, DVM knows...
for a fact! 

Just an illusion set up into misleading
believing their own lies:

LIke I then asked of Dr. Johnson,
Beaver Crossing Animal Hospital,
"Why have insurance then? That's... STILL... Socialized Medicine."  

Wish you could have been there and seen him flinch...
followed by stammering. 

"Son's a son until he gets him a wife. Daughter's a daughter all her life."
A favorite one of my mother's until she had a gay son. Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha. ..
This one turned out not being funny at all!

"Is it wrong... that I don't want my son to be gay?"

"No Mother. 
It is not... WRONG... that you... don't... want 
son to be....GAY! 
But you've known since I was the age of twenty-three; 
I'm now forty-seven. 
~(James .E. Avery, D.V.M.)~

We were on our way to my youngest niece wedding when having this conversation on our drive from Prescott, Arkansas to Sherwood, Arkansas. Flew home from Atlanta, Georgia just for that wedding. Chanced getting caught with crystal meths in my luggage at the airport, too; my drug of choice trying to stay competitive with the now over abundance of female veterinarians whom most eventually seem to retire much earlier and easier than men do. 
Might as well stop and let you go now. I can go on forever with this. 

Just needed to vent.

My conclusions are nothing more than conjectures; future tense and past tense. 

The lack of response, 
other than, 
seem to prove what were originally just my opinions(not necessarily even opinions)...
most likely to be correct.
Would luv to hear your input...?

Maybe you and I could discuss Space-Time-Thought Theory...?

My God! All this extra heat sure has swelled the matter of my brain!  I've certainly have bought into this perspective of how our universe expands!

Not to mention, 
"termination shock" 
looking/sounding whole lot like "parturition."

"Once you can picture the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something...wearing stripes with plaid come easy."

Sincerely yours,

Simply Jim:
One Pearl, Total Pig, Anti-Christ.

I've tried sending this email directly to you instead of posting as a comment. But keep getting an error message saying something about GOD HATES FAGS being a violation of freedom of speech.We've already had 8 out of our 9 SUPREME COURT JUSTICES rule GOD HATES FAGS is not a violation of FREEDOM of SPEECH! And I didn't even use that phrase anywhere but in my blog and signs located in my front yard...but with three question marks at the bottom of the sign. That's a question. Not a statement!  Just me doing my part keeping the issue of God and Gays already being debated within the public domain per....again....8 out of our 9 SUPREME COURT JUSTICES..... alive and active... before and in between the funerals...not during the funeral!


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